Yongkang Zhengya Weighing Apparatus Factory

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Hundred-Regiment Campaign


Our factory takes part in the "Hundred-Regiment Campaign" from November 22rd to January 5th.
Our goal is to jointly create the "god knows" performance and a team like a army.


During the period, we will provide:

1. The most appealing/lowest price

2. Orders placed and 30% of the down payment of which paid during this period will enjoy free trial sale products of KDA KDD-3 DJK-D, one carton for each item (1 carton equals to ten units) for 20 GP, and 2 carton for each item for 40HQ. If these two types have been ordered, other types with the same price can be replaced.
We wish that you can provide us with your biggest support and witness our growth. Thank you very much!


Thank you again!!

Welcome to Yongkang Zhengya Weighing Apparatus Factory!

ADD:West Road No.219,shiya Industry Zone,YongKang,ZheJiang,China.

Yongkang zhengya weighing apparatus factory lies in the well-known hometown of hardware China Science and Technology Hareware City" --shiya Developing Zone of Yongkang City. It is one of the earliest factories producing weighing apparatus in China. We specialize in ma...

Yongkang Zhengya Weighing Apparatus Factory

Tel:0086-579-87528292 Fax:0086-579-87528077

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