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Rounding out electronic scales

"Life is not a heart of the love of beauty\", \"lose weight\" has become the common words in the mouth, is so indispensable electronic scale (scale). Average person thinks he knows the scale, actually otherwise, small make up today to explain this electronic scales for you.

The scale is a classification of weighing apparatus use function, divided into: electronic scales and mechanical scales. Scales are inexpensive and it can help people effective monitoring of their body weight change, new products can also detect their fat content, and there are some humanistic whistles.

Scale function mainly displays in its essential purpose, it is able to accurately weigh the body weight, and through the daily weight, weight control situation of reaction to a certain period of time, weight control is the foundation of health management, therefore, modern people each have a scale, best to mastery of the weight of the whole family, this is to ensure that the whole family health of a very important place.

The use of the scale

1, in order to ensure accurate when using electronic said, using the best test before power is enough.

2, feet to balance, to ensure the accuracy of the numerical.

3 is the most headache, mechanical health scale pointer will offset, requires constant adjustment, to ensure accurate pointer also had better pay attention to adjust before use.

4, might as well first before using the swing a few times.

In fact the use of electronic scales is very simple, we use in our daily life, don't forget to maintain the scale. About the following points, small make up want to remind you:

1. Electronic scale deposit scope, avoid damp filthy environment, lest cause the scale weighing is not accurate.

2. The battery should pay attention to maintenance of electronic balance, in the light of insufficient need to replace it, or is not applicable for a long time, need to remove the battery. Extend battery life.

3. Avoid knock against the situation of electronic balance, otherwise it will cause electronic scale readings inaccurate.

4. The mechanical electronic scale often need to adjust, in the process of adjustment to speak as much as possible.

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