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Decrypt the sheltering electronic scale of cheating

Since the day of the birth of electronic balance is inseparable from the "cheating" the gossip. Especially in the electronic technology constantly improving now. Today I give everybody introduction is a very advanced weighing cheating.

If have a friend buy scale experience will know, first is the scale of the instruction, the and inform the customer or the last sentence "there is a problem see manual". A formal qualified scale products with product manuals. In the product specifications for the product structure has detailed instructions. No matter what style the scale of its basic principle is the same, namely the pattern of "balance of body and sensor". We all know the working principle of the sensor is according to the gravity vertical downward force on the level of weighing platform weighing results, so the above elaboration of the second condition is very important, weighing platform must be level state, in other words the mesa is scale must be level, perhaps many people will ask this error is very small. Actually otherwise, in the very expensive gold industry, the so-called deviation cannot name error.

So remind everybody, buying the valuables, especially in the weighing process in addition to pay attention to whether the electronic scale through the annual inspection, and observe its working environment is normal.

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Tel:0086-579-87528292 Fax:0086-579-87528077

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